Salicylate Content of Foods List

by | Sep 23, 2022

If you’ve been diagnosed with salicylate sensitivity, the best resource to have on hand is one that outlines the salicylate content of different foods. Being able to tailor your diet around your tolerance level is an important step in keeping symptoms at bay which is why I’ve created a table that enables you to filter foods based on their salicylate content:

  • Negligible: below 0.99 mg/kg
  • Low: 1.00 – 2.49 mg/kg
  • Medium: 2.50 – 4.99 mg/kg
  • High: 5.00 – 9.99 mg/kg
  • Very High: 10.0 mg/kg and higher

Food / ProductFood GroupSalicylate LevelSwain et al. 1985 (Free)Wood et al. 2011Malakar et al. 2017 (Free + Bound)Kęszycka et al. 2017 (Free)Kęszycka et al. 2017 (Free + Bound)Notes
Bamboo Shoots, cannedVegetablesNegligible0 mg/kg
ChokoVegetablesNegligible0.10 mg/kg
Chinese CabbageVegetablesNegligible0.337 mg/kg0.158 mg/kg
Peeled White PotatoVegetablesNegligible0 mg/kg
ShallotsVegetablesNegligible0.30 mg/kg
Canned Bartlett Pear in Sugar SyrupFresh FruitNegligible0 mg/kg
Dandelion Cereal CoffeeBeveragesNegligible0.80 mg/L
Akta-Vite Drinking ChocolateBeveragesNegligible0 mg/L
MiloBeveragesNegligible0.10 mg/L
OvaltineBeveragesNegligible0 mg/L
Andronicus Instant CoffeeBeveragesNegligible0 mg/L
GinBeveragesNegligible0 mg/L
VodkaBeveragesNegligible0 mg/L
WhiskyBeveragesNegligible0 mg/L
PoppyseedLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0 mg/kg
SaffronHerbs, Spices and CondimentsNegligible0 mg/kg
Soy SauceHerbs, Spices and CondimentsNegligible0 mg/kg
Rice Wine VinegarHerbs, Spices and CondimentsLowData from RPAH
Malt VinegarHerbs, Spices and CondimentsNegligible0 mg/kg
Baking PowderBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
Baking SodaBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
Caramel (Homemade)BakingNegligible0 mg/kg
Carob PowderBakingNegligible0 mg/kg
Citric AcidBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
Cocoa PowderBakingNegligible0 mg/kg
Corn Flour, Corn Starch, Maize StarchBakingUnknown
Cream of TartarBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
DextroseBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
GelatinBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
MaltodextrinBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
Maple SyrupBakingNegligible0 mg/kg0 mg/kg
Marshmallow FluffBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
PectinBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
Psyllium HusksBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
Soy LecithinBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
Caster SugarBakingNegligible0 mg/kg0 mg/kg
White SugarBakingNegligible0 mg/kg
Icing SugarBakingUnknown
Brown SugarBakingNegligible0 mg/kg
Xanthan Gum BakingNegligibleData from RPAH
Dry YeastBakingNegligibleData from RPAH
ButterFats and OilsUnknown
Canola OilFats and OilsNegligibleData from RPAH
CottonseedFats and OilsNegligibleData from RPAH
Olive OilFats and OilsNegligible0 mg/kg
Palm OilFats and OilsLowData from RPAH
Rice Bran OilFats and OilsLowData from RPAH
Safflower OilFats and OilsLowData from RPAH
Soy OilFats and OilsLowData from RPAH
Sunflower OilFats and OilsNegligible0 mg/kg
Blue Vein CheeseDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligible0.50 mg/kg
Camembert CheeseDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligible0.10 mg / kg
White Cheddar CheeseDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligible0 mg/kg
Cottage CheeseDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligible0 mg/kg
MozzarellaDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligible0.20 mg/kg
Tasty Cheddar CheeseDairy, Eggs and Substitutes Negligible0 mg/kg
CreamDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligible0 mg/kg
EggsDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligible0 mg/kg
Goat MilkDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesUnknown
MilkDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligible0 mg/kg
Oat MilkDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligibleData from RPAH
Rice MilkDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesUnknown
Soy MilkDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesUnknown
TofuDairy, Eggs and SubstitutesUnknown
Yogurt Dairy, Eggs and SubstitutesNegligible0 mg/kg
BeefMeat and SeafoodNegligible0 mg/kg
ChickenMeat and SeafoodNegligible0 mg/kg
KidneyMeat and SeafoodNegligible0 mg/kg
LambMeat and SeafoodNegligible0 mg/kg
LiverMeat and SeafoodNegligible0.50 mg/kg
Organ MeatsMeat and SeafoodUnknown
OystersMeat and SeafoodNegligible0 mg/kg
PorkMeat and SeafoodNegligible0 mg/kg
PrawnsMeat and SeafoodNegligible0.40 mg/kg
RabbitMeat and SeafoodUnknown
Canned Salmon in WaterMeat and SeafoodNegligible0 mg/kg
Sausage CasingMeat and SeafoodUnknown
ScallopsMeat and SeafoodNegligible0.20 mg/kg
ShellfishMeat and SeafoodUnknown
TripeMeat and SeafoodNegligible0 mg/kg
Canned Tuna in WaterMeat and SeafoodNegligible0 mg/kg
VealMeat and SeafoodUnknown
Arrowroot PowderGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligible0 mg/kg
BarleyGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligible0 mg/kg0.237 mg/kg
MilletGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligible0 mg/kg
QuinoaGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligibleData from RPAH
White Quinoa FlakesGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligible0 mg/kg
White Quinoa FlourGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligible0 mg/kg
Arborio RiceGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligibleData from RPAH
Sushi RiceGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligibleData from RPAH
Rice CerealGrains, Cereals and StarchesUnknown
Rice PaperGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligibleData from RPAH
Rice NoodlesGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligibleData from RPAH
White Rice FlourGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligible0 mg/kg
RyeGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligible0 mg/kg
Rye FlourGrains, Cereals and StarchesUnknown
SagoGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligibleData from RPAH
TapiocaGrains, Cereals and StarchesUnknown
WheatGrains, Cereals and StarchesNegligible0 mg/kg0.189 mg/kg
Black-Eyed BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0 mg/kg
Borlotti BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0.80 mg/kg
Brown BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0.02 mg/kg
ChickpeasLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0 mg/kg
LentilsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligibleData from RPAH
Lima BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0 mg/kg
Mung BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0 mg/kg
Pea FlourLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0 mg/kg
Pea ProteinLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligibleData from RPAH
Soy BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0 mg/kg
Soy ProteinLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligibleData from RPAH
Yellow Split PeaLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligible0.2 mg/kg
Black BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligibleData from RPAH
Butter BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligibleData from RPAH
Cannelini BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligibleData from RPAH
Haricot BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligibleData from RPAH
Pinto BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligibleData from RPAH
White BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsNegligibleData from RPAH
Plain Potato CripsSnacksLowData from RPAH. Crisps must be unseasoned and made with low salicylate oil
Bean SproutsVegetablesLow0.60 mg/kg1.28 mg/kg
Bok ChoyVegetablesLow1.84 mg/kg
CarrotsVegetablesLow2.30 mg/kg0.027 mg/kg0.231 mg/kg
Fennel BulbVegetablesLow1.29 mg/kg
Canned PimientosVegetablesLow1.50 mg/kg
Pumpkin MarrowVegetablesLow1.70 mg/kg
PumpkinVegetablesLow1.20 mg/kg
Frozen SpinachVegetablesLow1.60 mg/kg
TurnipVegetablesLow1.60 mg/kg
Red Delicious AppleFresh FruitLow1.90 mg/kg
Canned Apricot NectarFresh FruitLow1.40 mg/kg
Custard AppleFresh FruitLow2.10 mg/kg
FigsFresh FruitLow1.80 mg/kg
Canned Light Seedless GrapeFresh FruitLow1.60 mg/kg
PapayaFresh FruitLowData from RPAH
Canned Peach NectarFresh FruitLow1.00 mg/kg
PearFresh FruitLow0.23 mg/kg
Blood PlumFresh FruitLow2.10 mg/kg
Kelsey PlumFresh FruitLow0.90 mg/kg
TamarilloFresh FruitLow1.00 mg/kg
Mountain Maid Apple JuiceBeveragesLow1.90 mg/L
Tooheys Draught BeerBeveragesLow1.90 mg/L
Bambu Cereal CoffeeBeveragesLow1.50 mg/L
CiderBeveragesLow1.90 mg/L
Decaf Instant CoffeeBeveragesLow0 mg/L2.05 mg/L
Instant CoffeeBeveragesHigh1.20 - 8.40 mg/L2.04 mg/L
Orange JuiceBeveragesLow1.80 mg/LJuices don't generally specify which variety of fruit they use which can vary a lot in terms of salicylate content
Pineapple JuiceBeveragesLow1.6 mg/LJuices don't generally specify which variety of fruit they use which can vary a lot in terms of salicylate content
English Breakfast TeaBeveragesLow2.40 mg/L
Peppermint TeaBeveragesLow11.00 mg/L2.19 mg/L
Tomato JuiceBeveragesLow1.0 - 1.8 mg/LJuices don't generally specify which variety of fruit they use which can vary a lot in terms of salicylate content
McWilliams Dry White WineBeveragesLow1.00 mg/L
HazelnutsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsLow1.40 mg/kg
Peanut ButterLegumes, Nuts and SeedsLow2.30 mg/kg
PeacansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsLow1.20 mg/kg
Sesame SeedsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsLow2.30 mg/kg
Soy FlourLegumes, Nuts and SeedsLow1.97 mg/kg2.006 mg/kg
Green Split PeaLegumes, Nuts and SeedsLow0 mg/kg0.71 mg/kg1.44 mg/kg
Sunflower SeedLegumes, Nuts and SeedsLow1.20 mg/kg
White RiceGrains, Cereals and StarchesLow0 mg/kg0.395 mg/kg1.23 mg/kg
Golden SyrupBakingLow1.0 mg/kg
MolassesBakingLow2.20 mg/kg
Fresh Coriander LeavesHerbs, Spices and CondimentsLow2.0 mg/kg
Canned HorseradishHerbs, Spices and CondimentsLow1.8 mg/kg
Canned AsparagusVegetablesMedium3.2 mg/kg
Canned BeetrootVegetablesMedium3.2 mg/kg
Green CabbageVegetablesMedium0 mg/kg2.55 mg/kg0.0196 mg/kg0.057 mg/kg
CeleryVegetablesMedium0 mg/kg0.04 mg/kg2.79 mg/kg.0412 mg/kg2.85 mg/kg
Peeled Continental CucumberVegetablesMedium2.93 mg/kg
Peeled EggplantVegetablesMedium3.00 mg/kg
Fennel TopsVegetablesMedium3.67 mg/kg
LeekVegetablesMedium0.80 mg/kg4.10 mg/kg
Iceberg LettuceVegetablesMedium0 mg/kg0.05 mg/kg2.69 mg/kg
LoquatVegetablesMedium0.80 mg/kg2.80 mg/kg
ParsnipVegetablesMedium4.50 mg/kg3.90 mg/kg
Sugar Snap PeasVegetablesMedium4.85 mg/kg
Unpeeled White PotatoVegetablesMedium1.20 mg/kg0.02 mg/kg4.64 mg/kg
TomatoVegetablesMedium1.30 mg/kg0.13 mg/kg3.18 mg/kg
Pink Lady AppleFresh FruitMedium2.93 mg/kg
Peeled Golden Delicious AppleFresh FruitMedium3.20 mg/kg
Unpeeled Golden Delicious AppleFresh FruitMedium0.80 mg/kg3.18 mg/kg
Jonathan AppleFresh FruitMedium3.80 mg/kg
Canned Morello Sour CherryFresh FruitMedium3.00 mg/kg
Canned FigsFresh FruitMedium2.50 mg/kg
Canned LycheeFresh FruitMedium3.60 mg/kg
PawpawFresh FruitMedium0.80 mg/kg4.79 mg/kg
Nashi PearFresh FruitMedium3.23 mg/kg
Peeled Packham PearFresh FruitMedium0 mg/kg2.95 mg/kg
Unpeeled William PearFresh FruitMedium3.10 mg/kg
WatermelonFresh FruitMedium4.80 mg/kg4.80 mg/kg
Reschs Dinner Ale BeerBeveragesMedium3.50 mg/L
BrandyBeveragesMedium4.00 mg/L
Chamomile TeaBeveragesMedium0.60 mg/L4.72 mg/L
Reform Cereal CoffeeBeveragesMedium3.80 mg/L
Coca-ColaBeveragesMedium2.50 mg/L
Coffee Brewed From BeansBeveragesMedium4.50 mg/L
Grapefruit JuiceBeveragesMedium4.20 mg/L
SherryBeveragesMedium4.60 - 4.90 mg/L
Decaf Tea BagBeveragesMedium3.70 mg/L
Herbal Fruit Tea BagBeveragesMedium3.60 mg/L
Rose Hip Tea BagBeveragesMedium4.00 mg/L
RoséBeveragesMedium3.70 mg/L
VermouthBeveragesMedium4.60 mg/L
Brown RiceGrains, Cereals and StarchesMedium0.459 mg/kg4.25 mg/kg
OatsGrains, Cereals and StarchesMedium0 mg/kg0.39 mg/kg2.74 mg/kg
Brazil NutsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsMedium4.60 mg/kg
WalnutsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsMedium3.00 mg/kg
Fresh Basil LeavesHerbs, Spices and CondimentsMedium3.25 mg/kg
Bonox Beef ExtractHerbs, Spices and CondimentsMedium2.80 mg/kg
Lemon GrassHerbs, Spices and CondimentsMedium3.59 mg/kg
MayonnaiseHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
Tabsco PepperHerbs, Spices and CondimentsMedium4.50 mg/kg
Malt ExtractBakingUnknown
Baking YeastHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
Almond OilFats and OilsUnknown
Corn OilHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
Peanut OilHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
AlfalfaVegetablesHigh7.00 mg/kg
Canned AppleVegetablesHigh5.50 mg/kg
AsparagusVegetablesHigh1.40 mg/kg8.21 mg/kg
Finger BananasFresh FruitUnknown
Brussel SrpoutsVegetablesHigh0.70 mg/kg8.60 mg/kg
Red CapsicumVegetablesHigh0.04 mg/kg0.09 mg/kg8.85 mg/kg
CauliflowerVegetablesHigh1.60 mg/kg0.01 mg/kg5.86 mg/kg0.35 mg/kg5.44 mg/kg
Peeled Common CucumberVegetablesHigh0.02 mg/kg5.81 mg/kg
Unpeeled Cucumber VegetablesHigh7.80 mg/kg
Choy SumVegetablesHigh6.89 mg/kg
Unpeeled EggplantVegetablesHigh8.80 mg/kg7.86 mg/kg
Butter LettuceVegetablesHigh8.79 mg/kg
Button MushroomVegetablesHigh2.40 mg/kg0.13 mg/kg8.16 mg/kg
Canned OkraVegetablesHigh5.90 mg/kg
White OnionVegetablesHigh1.60 mg/kg0.08 mg/kg5.11 mg/kg
Green Chilli PepperVegetablesHigh6.40 mg/kg
Green PepperVegetablesHigh6.20 mg/kg
RhubarbVegetablesHigh1.30 mg/kg6.91 mg/kg
SwedeVegetablesHigh0 mg/kg0.07 mg/kg9.40 mg/kg
SpinachVegetablesHigh5.80 mg/kg2.29 mg/kg
Baby SquashVegetablesHigh6.30 mg/kg
Butternut SquashVegetablesHigh8.69 mg/kg
White Sweet PotatoVegetablesHigh5.00 mg/kg
Canned Diced TomatoVegetablesHigh5.30 mg/kg0.13 mg/kg6.42 mg/kg
Cherry TomatoVegetablesHigh7.05 mg/kg
Roma TomatoVegetablesHigh0.13 mg/kg5.02 mg/kg
Tomato SoupVegetablesHigh3.20 - 5.40 mg/kg
WatercressVegetablesHigh8.40 mg/kg
Peeled Granny Smith AppleFresh FruitHigh5.90 mg/kg0.55 mg/kg9.70 mg/kg
Unpeeled Pink Lady AppleFresh FruitHigh9.02 mg/kg
AvocadoFresh FruitHigh6.00 mg/kg29.72 mg/kg
BananaFresh FruitHigh0 mg/kg0.34 mg/kg5.39 mg/kg
BlueberryFresh FruitHigh0.57 mg/kg9.12 mg/kg
Sweet CherryFresh FruitHigh8.50 mg/kg
Dried FigsFresh FruitHigh6.40 mg/kg
GrapefruitFresh FruitHigh6.80 mg/kg
Thompson Seedless GrapeFresh FruitHigh0.02 mg/kg8.31 mg/kg
Ralli Seedless GrapeFresh FruitHigh0.02 mg/kg7.65 mg/kg
Red Malaita GrapeFresh FruitHigh9.40 mg/kg
LemonFresh FruitHigh1.80 mg/kg6.74 mg/kg
MangoFresh FruitHigh1.10 mg/kg0.03 mg/kg7.09 mg/kg
MulberryFresh FruitHigh7.60 mg/kg
MandarinFresh FruitHigh5.60 mg/kg2.70 mg/kg
Canned PeachFresh FruitHigh6.80 mg/kg
White PeachFresh FruitHigh5.80 mg/kg0.12 mg/kg3.30 mg/kg
PersimmonFresh FruitHigh1.80 mg/kg5.91 mg/kg
Tegan Blue PlumFresh FruitHigh6.35 mg/kg
TangeloFresh FruitHigh7.20 mg/kg
CoffeeBeveragesHigh9.60 mg/L
Cointreau BeveragesHigh6.60 mg/L
Red Grape JuiceBeveragesHigh8.80 mg/L
Fruit Flavoured DrinkBeveragesUnknown
Fruit JuiceBeveragesUnknown
Vegetable JuiceBeveragesUnknown
Bundaberg RumBeveragesHigh7.60 mg/L
Sweet SherryBeveragesHigh5.60 mg/L
Tia Maria Coffee LiqueurBeveragesHigh8.30 mg/L
WineBeveragesHigh6.90 - 9.00 mg/L
Macadamia NutsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHigh5.20 mg/kg
Pine NutsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHigh5.10 mg/kg
Pistachio NutsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHigh5.50 mg/kg
Acacia SeedsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHighData from RPAH
Chia SeedsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHighData from RPAH
Flax SeedsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHighData from RPAH
Hemp SeedsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHighData from RPAH
LinseedsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHighData from RPAH
Wattle SeedsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHighData from RPAH
Fennel PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsHigh8.00 mg/kg
GravyHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
MarmiteHerbs, Spices and CondimentsHigh7.10 mg/kg
VegemiteHerbs, Spices and CondimentsHigh8.10 mg/kg
Buckwheat FlourGrains, Cereals and StarchesHigh0 mg/kg0.76 mg/kg9.44 mg/kg
Fruit, Nut, Honey, Coconut Flavoured CerealGrains, Cereals and StarchesUnknown
Corn Breakfast CerealGrains, Cereals and StarchesUnknown
Corn Flour Grains, Cereals and StarchesHigh4.30 mg/kg0.79 mg/kg2.27 mg/kg
MaizeGrains, Cereals and StarchesHigh4.30 mg/kg0.79 mg/kg2.27 mg/kg
PolentaGrains, Cereals and StarchesUnknown
Broad BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHigh7.30 mg/kg
Red Kidney BeansLegumes, Nuts and SeedsHigh6.02 mg/kg
Corn SyrupBakingUnknown
Raw SugarBakingUnknown
Copha ShorteningFats and OilsUnknown
Sesame OilFats and OilsUnknown
Walnut OilFats and OilsUnknown
Canned Fish in OilMeat and SeafoodUnknown
Fruit Flavoured SnacksSnacksUnknown
Pickled FoodSnacksUnknown
Rocket LeavesVegetablesVery High15.62 mg/kg
BeetrootVegetablesVery High1.80 mg/kg26.93 mg/kg0.134 mg/kg0.88 mg/kg
BrocolliVegetablesVery High6.50 mg/kg0 mg/kg11.01 mg/kg0.059 mg/kg0.963 mg/kg
ChicoryVegetablesVery High10.02 mg/kg
Red ChiliVegetablesVery High12.0 mg/kg6.57 mg/kg
Corn on the CobVegetablesVery High1.30 mg/kg16.48 mg/kg
Canned CucumberVegetablesVery High61.40 mg/kg
Green BeansVegetablesVery High1.10 mg/kg13.88 mg/kg0.066 mk/kg0.7104 mg/kg
EndiveVegetablesVery High19.99 mg/kg3.85 mg/kg
Cos LettuceVegetablesVery High15.82 mg/kg
KaleVegetablesVery HighData from RPAH
Canned Champignon MushroomsVegetablesVery High12.60 mg/kg
Spanish OnionVegetablesVery High1.60 mg/kg12.85 mg/kg
Green PeasVegetablesVery High0.40 mg/kg25.52 mg/kg
Green CapsicumVegetablesVery High12.00 mg/kg
Japanese PumpkinVegetablesVery High11.19 mg/kg
RadishVegetablesVery High12.40 mg/kg16.93 mg/kg
Yellow Sweet PotatoVegetablesVery High4.80 mg/kg21.15 mg/kg
Canned Tomato PasteVegetablesVery High4.30 - 14.4 mg/kg10.81 mg/kg
Tomato SauceVegetablesVery High9.40 - 24.8 mg/kg
Sundried TomatoVegetablesVery High18.63 mg/kg
ZucchiniVegetablesVery High10.40 mg/kg6.13 mg/kg0.013 mg/kg
ApricotsFresh FruitVery High25.8 mg/kg8.26 mg/kg
Canned ApricotFresh FruitVery High14.2 mg/kg
Haas Avocado Fresh FruitVery High29.72 mg/kg
Canned BlackberryFresh FruitVery High18.6 mg/kg
Canned BlueberryFresh FruitVery High20.40 mg/kg
CantaloupeFresh FruitVery High15.0 mg/kg0.11 mg/kg5.02 mg/kg
CherryFresh FruitUnknown
Canned CherryFresh FruitVery High27.8 mg/kg
Canned CranberryFresh FruitVery High16.4 mg/kg
Cranberry SauceFresh FruitVery High14.4 mg/kg
Frozen Black CurrentsFresh FruitVery High30.06 mg/kg
Frozen Red CurrentsFresh FruitVery High50.06 mg/kg
Dried DatesFresh FruitVery High45.0 mg/kg36.90 mg/kg
DatesFresh FruitVery High37.30 mg/kg
SultanasFresh FruitVery High18.8 mg/kg
Canned GuavaFresh FruitVery High20.20 mg/kg
Kiwi FruitFresh FruitVery High3.20 mg/kg0.31 mg/kg16.61 mg/kg
LimeFresh FruitVery HighData from RPAH
Canned LoganberryFresh FruitVery High44.0 mg/kg
NectarineFresh FruitVery High4.90 mg/kg3.29 mg/kg13.28 mg/kg
Black OlivesFresh FruitVery High3.40 mg/kg26.75 mg/kg
Green OlivesFresh FruitVery High12.90 mg/kg
PassionfruitFresh FruitVery High1.40 mg/kg12.40 mg/kg
Unpeeled Packham Pear Fresh FruitVery High12.90 mg/kg
Canned PineappleFresh FruitVery High13.60 mg/kg
Fresh PineappleFresh FruitVery High21.0 mg/kg7.29 mg/kg
Canned PlumFresh FruitVery High11.16 mg/kg
PomegranateFresh FruitVery High0.70 mg/kg15.17 mg/kg
Canned PrunesFresh FruitVery High68.7 mg/kg
RaspberryFresh FruitVery High51.4 mg/kg0.09 mg/kg10.52 mg/kg
Frozen RapsberryFresh FruitVery High38.8 mg/kg
StrawberryFresh FruitVery High13.60 mg/kg0.61 mg/kg6.98 mg/kg
Canned YoungberryFresh FruitVery High30.06 mg/kg
Dried FruitFresh FruitUnknown
Dom BénédictineBeveragesVery High90.4 mg/L
Nature's Cuppa Cereal CoffeeBeveragesVery High22.26 mg/kg
ChampagneBeveragesVery High10.2 mg/L
DrambuieBeverages Very High16.8 mg/L
Drinking Chocolate PowderBeveragesVery High51.48 mg/L
PortBeveragesVery High14.0 - 42.0 mg/L
RumBeveragesVery High12.8 mg/L
Tea BagBeveragesVery High24.0 - 73.4 mg/L
Tea LeavesBeveragesVery High19.0 - 42.4 mg/L
Rose Hip Syrup TeaBeveragesVery High11.70 mg/L
AlmondsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsVery High30.0 mg/kg47.09 mg/kg
CashewsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsVery High0.70 mg/kg41.10 mg/kg
Unshelled PeanutsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsVery High11.20 mg/kg
Pumpkin SeedsLegumes, Nuts and SeedsVery High17.58 mg/kg
Canned Water ChestnutLegumes, Nuts and SeedsVery High29.20 mg/kg
Allspice PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High52.0 mg/kg
Aniseed PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High228.0 mg/kg
Basil Leaves PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High34.0 mg/kg
Bay LeafHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High25.20 mg/kg
Canella PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High420.60 mg/kg
Cardamom PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High77.0 mg/kg
Caraway PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High28.20 mg/kg
Cayenne PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High176.0 mg/kg
Celery PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High101.0 mg/kg
Chili FlakesHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High13.8 mg/kg
Chili PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High13.0 mg/kg
Fresh ChivesHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High0.30 mg/kg20.16 mg/kg
Cinnamon PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High152.0 mg/kg0.78 mg/kg57.24 mg/kg
Whole ClovesHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High57.4 mg/kg
Coriander PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High207.18 mg/kg
CuminHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High450.0 mg/kg29.7 mg/kg604.97 mg/kg
Curry PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High2180.0 mg/kg
Fresh DillHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High69.0 mg/kg
Dill PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High944.0 mg/kg
Fenugreek PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High122.0 mg/kg
Fish PasteHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
Garam Masala PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High668.0 mg/kg
Fresh GarlicHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High1 mg/kg17.05 mg/kg
Fresh GingerHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High45 mg/kg31.57 mg/kg
Commercial Gravies and SaucesHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
Mace PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High322.0 mg/kg
Meat PasteHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
Fresh MintHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High94.0 mg/kg
Mustard PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High260.0 mg/kg
Nutmeg PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High24.0 mg/kg
Oregano PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High660.0 mg/kg
Paprika Hot PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High2030.0 mg/kg
Sweet Paprika Powder Herbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High57.0 mg/kg
Black Pepper PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High62.0 mg/kg45.75 mg/kg
White Pepper PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High11.0 mg/kg
Pimiento PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High49.0 mg/kg
Rosemary PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High680.0 mg/kg
Sage LeavesHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High217.0 mg/kg
Tarragon PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High348.0 mg/kg
Thyme LeavesHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High1830.0 mg/kg
Turmeric PowderHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High764.0 mg/kg20.88 mg/kg38.83 mg/kg
White VinegarHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High11.3 mg/kg
Wine VinegarHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
Worcestershire SauceHerbs, Spices and CondimentsVery High643.0 mg/kg
Yeast ExtractsHerbs, Spices and CondimentsUnknown
Buckwheat Grains, Cereals and StarchesVery High12.26 mg/kg14.21 mg/kg
Dried Coconut FlakesBakingVery High2.60 mg/kg22.26 mg/kg
HoneyBakingVery High39.0 - 112.40 mg/kg
RaisinsFresh FruitVery High66.20 mg/kg
SultanasFresh FruitVery High78.0 mg/kg
Vanilla Bean ExtractBakingVery High130.26 mg/kg
Vanilla EssenceBakingVery High14.4 mg/kg
LicoriceSnacksVery High79.6 - 97.8 mg/kg
PeppermintsSnacksVery High7.70 - 75.8 mg/kg
Mint Flavoured SweetsSnacksUnknown
Fruit FlavoursSnacksUnknown
Coconut OilFats and OilsUnknown
Olive OilFats and OilsUnknown
Luncheon MeatsMeat and SeafoodUnknown
Seasoned MeatsMeat and SeafoodUnknown

How to use the table

To find the salicylate level of a particular food, you can search for it using the “search-box” or you can filter the results based on “food group” e.g. vegetables, baking, snacks and/or “salicylate level” e.g. low, medium, high.

Clicking on the little arrows in the header will sort columns alphabetically or by numerical value.

The data

The data in the table is derived from the following studies and resources:

To determine whether a food is negligible, low, medium, high or very high in salicylates I have used data from the most recent study available. As you’ll see, there is a wide discrepancy between the salicylate levels of foods based on a number of factors which you can learn about in my post on making sense of salicylate food lists. One of the main factors which may contribute to the salicylate load is whether salicylates are in their free or bound form, a distinction that Malakar takes into account in his study.

Salicylate-Free Products

For a list of the best salicylate products see the following posts:


Final thoughts

Research into the salicylate levels of foods is still ongoing and levels are constantly changing/being modified which is why I recommend the list be used as more of a guide than a hard and fast rule for navigating salicylate sensitivity. Before using any list, it’s also advisable to first show it to your healthcare provider so they can ascertain whether it aligns with your health goals.

I hope the list helps make navigating the tricky world of salicylate sensitivity a little easier and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Brigid xx

DISCLAIMER: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to constitute or be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 


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